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Engraving Services

We engrave - it's what we do!

We specialise in making things look fantastic! We have over 30 years of experience using & combining many different engraving techniques and all our engraving is done in-house at our Glasgow production facility just five minutes from Glasgow City Centre.


Read more about our iPod, iPhone, iPad and kindle engraving here. Along with a long range of tech gadgets we specialise in engraving.


Laser Cutting & Etching

If you are looking for detailed engraving on wood, acrylic, metal, anodised aluminium, leather, plastic, glass, crystal or pretty much any material (we have even engraved an apple) - We can do it! We use CO2 lasers with the latest technology, this enables us to add any design with millimetre precision. We also laser cut acrylic, wood and laminated plastics, why not have a look at some of our bespoke awards.

Glass Engraving

Sandblasting Glass

We use sandblasters for most of our glass and crystal engraving. Although sandblasting sounds industrial we use this technique to achieve professional, fine detailed & very high quality results. As you can see from the images the finish on the engraved areas take on a velvet like appearance. Using sandblasting also gives the engraving depth which catches the light and makes the design stand out beautifully.

Laser Etching Glass

Laser etching is also an option for engraving glass. The laser beam marks the surface of the glass only, there is no depth to the engraving & the finish does not compare to that of sandblasting, but for marking in high volume it is a great option.

Machine Engraving

We have a fleet of computerised engraving machines using the latest technology which allow us to engrave onto a large and varied range of materials with fantastic precision. We can engrave brass, wood, slate, plastic, acrylic, aluminium, steel, copper, trophy cups... the list goes on, in fact there are very few things that we are unable to engrave.


We also etch using acid. Acid etching comes into it's own when the information to be marked is just too small and detailed for conventional engraving machines. This scenario doesn't happen often but when it does, we're geared up for it!

Hand Engraving

There is still a place for the character and personality that only hand engraving can add. We recommend hand engraving for most jewellery.

...we have theEdge!

We have the expertise, we have the equipment, we have the craftsmen, we have the passion ...we have theEdge!

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